1001 Black Men–#249

After watching the New Zealand All Blacks defeat France to win the 2011 Rugby World Cup, I just had to do one more drawing of my imaginary Oakland rugby team, the All Black Men. The guys in this drawing are actually three EBMUD workers I saw on my way to work last week. I swapped their reflective vests for lavender jerseys and I colored their skin green because green and purple is one of my favorite combinations. I used a fade effect for the green and purple background to both highlight and complement the colors of the players in the foreground.


2 thoughts on “1001 Black Men–#249”

  1. Nice…I love your “almost abstract style” of drawing. It’s really lovely to look at. And it’s also very tempting to re-colour…lol…you’ve got a new fan.

  2. Hi Gabriel,
    Thanks for your post. I like your description of my drawing style as “almost abstract.” Hope you’ll check back again. I’ve got a lot more drawings in store.

    Ajuan Mance (8-Rock)

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