1001 Black Men–#316

You know, I think that the multiplex is one of my favorite places to be ever. I know that many of my compatriots are movie purists, preferring the classically restored theater or the ratty, old, lived-in art house…but I don’t. Some old time theaters do a great restoration and I am glad they exist, but I love me some stadium seating, and I enjoy the souped up sound systems of some of the better multiplexes. Don’t even get me started on IMAX. A real, true IMAX theater (with the massive screen) is awesome. I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the Loews Metreon IMAX theater in San Francisco, and I felt like I was actually at Hogwarts….and the IMAX dome? Yes, it’s nerdy, and you usually have to go to the local planetarium or science museum to experience one, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t totally amazing! If I could watch UFC matches on the IMAX dome, or even just a good IMAX screen, I would–every single time, and I’d pay 20 or 25 bucks to do it. Heads up to Dana White…think about it!

Ajuan Mance

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