1001 Black Men–#576

I think I already mentioned that one of the most interesting things about San Diego Comic-Con is it’s diversity, not just among the attendees and fans, but among the panelists, as well.

A good example is the Insights for Independent Creators panel hosted by the man in this drawing, comics writer and screenwriter Brandon Easton. The panel included Dale Wilson, Todd Harris, Dani Dixon, Larry Welch, Andre Owens, and Robert Roach. DeWayne Copeland was the moderator. As host, Easton was witty, candid, and a little sarcastic (which I loved); but he was also inspiring. If there is one message that was consistent across the many  screenwriters, directors, comic writers, and comic artists I heard speak at this conference, it’s that the technological innovations of the 21st-centur have put the power to create and to share what you’ve created into the hands of a much broader range of people than in the past.

Easton and his panelists emphasized the potential of new digital production technologies to diversify the range of stories being told–in comics, on film and video, and in books. The creator of the popular independent comic book Shadowlaw, Easton is an excellent example of this very phenomenon. Like the t-shirt he’s holding in a 2012 photo for BuyIndieComics.com, Easton is “nerdy at the roots.” For those of us who love good storytelling from independent voices, this is a very good thing.

Ajuan Mance

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