1001 Black Men #741



I passed this guy a few weeks ago, at the San Francisco Public Library. I’d gone over to pick up the three pieces of art I’d shown as part of The Black Woman is God exhibit, curated by Karen Seneferu. It was the second incarnation of an exhibit that was at the African American Art and Culture Complex last summer. Like me he was heading toward the African American Center at the library and I watched with a little bit of envy as he disappeared into the stacks near the exhibit area. This is the first summer in a long time that I haven’t had the time to truly immerse myself in my research and writing, and the sight of him turning down a row of books made me wistful for summers past, when I could spend uninterrupted weeks in the UCB library.

Ajuan Mance

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  1. […] Where You Can Find Her: Currently scheduling a signing; see her Twitter feed for more information. Also, look for the afropick/barcode 8-Rock logo at the free tables in the Sails Pavillion. Where You Can Find Her Online: Her personal site. What’s the story?: Mance is currently promoting 1001 Black Men, an online sketchbook chronicling her encounters with Black men around the Bay Area, where she works. The gentleman pictured here, for instance, is No. 741: […]

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