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1001 Black Men #859


The brothas and sistas inside and outside the Brooklyn Museum were so very well dressed. When I’m away from New York, I forget how stylish NYC folks can be.  In places like California, people put a lot of their street style creativity into their vehicles, since folks are so much more likely to drive than to walk.

In New York, most people walk and take public transportation. As a result, a lot of their street style creativity goes into their outfits; and such style it is. We sat out in front of the museum for about half an hour, eating frozen yogurt and watching the parade of New York fashion go by.

Ajuan Mance

1001 Black Men #857


Manhattan, New York.


This is one of many people I passed as I searched for an alternative lunch spot, once I realized that Carnegie Deli had beenclosed (perhapstemporarilypleaseihope) by the City of New York. The accusation: Stealing electricity from the establishment next door.

If you look up the Carnegie Deli on Yelp, you’ll see a lot of praise and a lot of criticism. Many people believe this classic dining spot has become a mediocre purveyor of a New York-style tourist experience. Others believe the establishedment still serves up some good quality, classic deli food.

To the negative Yelpers, I say, “Haters be damned. Carnegie’s Chicken & Bacon Whoopee sandwich is food of the gods.” To the City of New York, I say, “Carnegie Deli is as paradigmatically New York as Bodegas and Sabrett’s. Please don’t take my Whoopee sandwich away.

Ajuan Mance