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  1. Hi Gary,

    Sure. Feel free to use them, but please do link back to this website, and credit the artist, Ajuan Mance (me). I’m glad you like the work!


  2. Hi Dils,
    Thanks for coming to my site. I’m glad you like my style. Its definitely a work in progress. Do comeback some time soon! I’ll have new drawings up.


  3. Hi! I saw your work at APE! I love what you are doing <3. I also just wanted to let you know your tumblr link in the upper right corner is broken, it should lead to 8-rock.tumblr.com but instead leads to tumblr.com/blog/8-rock which doesn't work :O

  4. Hi Shattered-Earth,

    Thanks for coming to my website. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my work! I’ll be posting more drawings every week. Thanks for letting me know about the the tumblr link. I’ll definitely fix that. Take care and stop in again soon!

  5. Dear Ajuan Mance,
    I am a curator for a new gallery in San Jose. I was interested in showing your drawings of the 1001 Black Men series. The first public art openig is fast approaching – specifically Monday, January 14. Would you be intersted in showing the drawings. And I would love to talk more details about future collaborations. Sorry, this is so immediate.

    Here is a link to the gallery.

  6. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for contacting me! I would be very interested in showing my drawings. I was away for a bit, and so I am only getting your message now, but I would be happy to discuss the Monday show and/or future collaborations. You can reach me at eightrock@ymail.com, my website email address.

  7. Hi Pernille,

    Thanks for coming to my site. I glad you like my work! Hope you check in from time to time to see my new work.


  8. Hi Marguerite,
    So glad you like my project! I’ve been at it since June 2010 and I’m still learning a lot from the process.

    PS: #503 is one of my favorites!


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