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1001 Black Men #765: The Brothers of Comic-Con, 2014


Personally, I prefer SNG (Star Trek Next Generation), but I have much respect for the fans of the Original Series (TOS). And there’s something about my brotha and sista Trekkies that gives me a little bit of a thrill. Even if we aren’t into the same version of Gene Roddenberry’s vision, we are kindred spirits. We are all brothers and sisters, even if we salute a different captain.

Make it so.

Ajuan Mance 

1001 Black Men #763: The Brothers of Comic-Con, 2014



I really do want to do a ‘zine on the Black hairstyles of Comic-Con; and, if I do, this brother and the brother in drawing #762 will feature prominently. Their style, the men’s version of the TWA (teeny weeny afro) is a very popular look among the Black geek/dork/nerd crowd, second only to the shaved head, and just edging out the bumpy afro (more on this one later).

Ajuan Mance

1001 Black Men #762: The Brothers of Comic-Con, 2014


This brother was one of the surprising number of people who lined up to ask questions at the costume designers panel. He had apparently done quite a bit of costume design on smaller film and television projects, but he hadn’t yet made it onto any blockbusters; and he wanted some tips from the panelists, all of whom had done significant work for major big-budget films and television series.

Ajuan Mance



1001 Black Men #761: The Brothers of Comic-Con, 2014


I ran into this brother several times during Comic-Con, and each time he was wearing a crisp white shirt. The thing that really caught my attention, though, was his beautifully maintained dreadlocks. The second or third time we crossed paths, he notice me starting at his hair; and he shot me a look out of the corner of his eye that seemed to say, “Sista, I see you see me, and it’s all good.”

Ajuan Mance