1001 Black Men–#141

This guy has got to be one of the best dressed graduate students I’ve ever seen. We were using side-by-side microfilm readers in the UC Berkeley microfilm lab, when I noted his ultra cool haircut and his Oliver Peoples eyeglass frames. He was also wearing a perfectly fitting t-shirt that I recognized as Marc Jacobs (I’m not sure how I recognized this, because I usually don’t know these things). He was also wearing leather pants, and he is one of that small number of people who actually looks good in leather pants (I, for the record, am not). When I was in graduate school, I and several of my colleagues noticed that the best dressed Ph.D. students on campus usually happened to be in the art history department. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man sitting next to me was in art history at UCB. I hope I run into him. If I do, I’ll look over his shoulder to see what he’s researching. If my hypothesis is correct, I’ll report back, perhaps with another drawing of what is sure to be another awesome outfit.


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