1001 Black Men–#386: Happy Veterans Day

It’s veteran’s day, and so I tried to think of any veterans I may have seen in recent weeks. I spend a lot of time in Alameda, where there is a fairly significant presence of both veterans and active duty military. I still remember this guy because he seemdc so distinctive, with his olive green jacket and pants and his heavy sunglasses, all worn indoors. He was sitting across the table from me in the upstairs quiet reading area at the Alameda Free Library. I knew he was a veteran because he was wearing fatigues of a sort, and because he had a stack of books with veteran in the title. I am, in many ways, fascinated by veterans, especially veterans of war. I always wonder how one integrates into his or her life such an intense and anomalous experience. Of course, some people never really do.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all, with humble respect for those who have served during peacetime and during times of war. And for those veterans who have passed on, may you Rest In Peace.

Ajuan Mance

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