1001 Black Men–#387

Every Tuesday I drive out onto Brookdale Ave, across high street, across 35th and over to my niece’s preschool. We always have the most interesting conversations on the way back to my house. She notices everything and everyone, and she has questions about all of it. This man was sitting on the sidelines of the basketball court at Brookdale and High. My niece wanted to know whether or not he was someone’s grandfather and, if he was someone’s grandfather, which one of the children playing on the court was his grandchild? My niece will be five in the spring, and she’s very interested in family connections and relationships. Whenever she sees someone who is not obviously connected to someone else, she wants to know where their parents/children/grandchildren are. Her family is the center of her life, and she applies that framework to everything she sees, and there’s something really sweet and wonderful about that.

Ajuan Mance

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