1001 Black Men–#47

This is one of a series of drawings I did at Comic-Con in San Diego, inspired by the Black people I saw in the conference sessions, hallways, and in the exhibition hall. Having never attended this conference before, I was as surprised as I was thrilled to see  so many Black folks–as attendees, vendors, and panelists. It was fascinating to hear Black sci-fi novelists, comic artists, film directors, and costume designers tell the story of how they got their start. Afro-nerd pride was in the air, and I was happy to be among so many of my people.


PS: The t-shirt design is the San Diego skyline.

2 thoughts on “1001 Black Men–#47”

  1. Hi Wayne,

    Do you still have your comics? I didn’t really get into comic books until college. My favorites were Love and Rockets, Real Stuff, and Grendel–featuring Christine Spar. More recently I really enjoyed The Last Man series and the first couple volumes of Runaways.

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