1001 Black Men–#88

This drawing is based on a man I saw heading for his own car as I was driving past the parking lot of a local 24-Hour Fitness. He was carrying a basketball, and so I imagine he must have been leaving after a pick-up game. Pick-up basketball at the larger East Bay gyms (Club One in downtown Oakland, 24-Hour fitness in San Leandro etc.) is serious business. I remember it well from my days as a Club One member. I liked to shoot baskets just to relax and have some fun and clear my head, but I had to be sure to get my work out in before the lunchtime games began. Guys would show up a half hour early just to warm up, and when three or four people are all shooting for the same basket, someone is bound to take a ball to the head. Not my idea of a good time. Anyway, I had to draw this guy, because so much about his express reminded me of the intensity of the East Bay gym-time basketball scene


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