1001 Black Men–#108

This drawing is inspired by a college-aged salesman I encountered on a recent shopping trip in downtown San Francisco. He was folding sweaters in Banana Republic (or was it the GAP), and when I walked by he gave me a big smile and told me he really liked my jacket. I was quite pleased to get a compliment from such a style-savvy guy, especially for a jacket that cost me less than 30 dollars. I thanked him and told him my secret.

“It’s just a Dickies Eisenhower jacket,” I explained. It was so cheap, I bought two.

“It’s a classic,” he reassured me, “and I like Dickies clothes. They make cute stuff.”

When I think about that brief exchange, it still makes me smile. So I decided to do a drawing of him, but wearing the t-shirt and jacket I was wearing that day.


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