1001 Black Men–#132

I saw this guy at Farmer Joe’s grocery store, on Superbowl Sunday. Something about him gave the strong impression that he was not buying snacks for the big game. Perhaps it was the fact that among all the carts and hand baskets of tortilla chips, salsa, and beer his cart held some kiwis, a jar of organic egg whites, and a can of  pea soup. But it wasn’t his curious food selections that drew my attention to him. The reason I remember him so well is because I loved his glasses. The frames themselves were black and incredibly round and heavy. It’s a style that makes me look like an owl with two black eyes, but I always admire the look on those who can carry it off. In a moment when vanity drives many to hide their need for corrective lenses, it’s a wonderful contrast to see those whose vanity drives them in the opposite direction.


PS: I still wonder what he did with those kiwis and egg whites and that can of pea soup.

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