1001 Black Men–#146

Whenever I’m at the cafe I always spend some time looking at the other people with their laptops. Sometimes I make a little game out of trying to figure who is actually doing paid work, who is doing school work, who is involved in less productive activities (like facebook, World of Warcraft, or Match.com). In addition, I always take note of the people who, despite their work materials and computers, are simply staring off into the distance. Maybe I’m so amused by the daydreamers and cloud gazers because they remind me of myself. Whenever I’m working on a writing project I eventually find myself staring out the window, at nothing in particular. When I catch myself I always wonder what I must have looked like staring at the wall or the clouds or the back of the empty chair at the next table over. I’ve seen this man at the cafe many times. We even chatted briefly in line, during which he explained that he originally moved to the U.S. to attend graduate school at Ohio State University. When I responded that I’d gone to grad school at the University of Michigan he smiled, and our bond as friendly Big-Ten rivals was cemented.


I hope that when I’m procrastinating, I look as placed and relaxed as he does.


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