1001 Black Men–#163

Just outside the entrance to the Home of Chicken and Waffles in Jack London Square, the teenager in this drawing was having an animated conversation with two of his female friends. They were talking about the young women’s outfits.  Both were wearing high-heeled platform pumps that matched their outfits, and he was criticizing both women for their inability to walk gracefully in their shoes. Several of entering patrons as well as a couple passers by stopped to laugh because he was right. Neither of the women could walk easily in heels. We all laughed a little harder when he said that  if they really wanted to know how to walk in those shoes, they needed to watch him. He stood on his toes and took a several strides back in forth in front of the door,  walking with such confidence and grace that it was almost like watching Tyra Banks herself. The response from one his two friends was priceless. “Of course you can walk in heels,” she said. “You’re a boy!”


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