1001 Black Men–#168

I liked doing this drawing because it presented an interesting set of challenges. First of all, I wanted to capture the idea of someone daydreaming. The other day I had an early lunch at the Baja Fresh near downtown Walnut Creek. I got in just before the noontime rush. The line for ordering got pretty long pretty quickly. Most 0f the diners stared out into space while they waited, first for their turn at the register and then for the kitchen to call their number. Like everyone else who was waiting, then man in this drawing stared at nothing in particular until it was finally his turn to order. Then he sat down with his newspaper until his number came up. In this picture, I depict him as daydreaming about flowers.

The other challenge in this drawing was how to draw a subject who wears his hair a lot like the actor Billy Dee Williams. This was my best solution. Your feedback is welcome.


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