1001 Black Men–#183

If you’ve had the occasion to get off highway 280 at Ocean Ave in the last couple days, then you know that traffic along that stretch is a complete mess. The right northbound lane is blocked by construction at several key points, and it’s slow going almost all the way to Junipero Serra. I saw the father and son in this drawing standing patiently at the corner of Ocean Avenue and San Benito Way. Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I had the feeling that these men, and many of the other pedestrians walking along that stretch of road, felt a little bit sorry for us drivers, inching along in that bumper-to-bumper congestion. Indeed, they had every reason to pity us. It would have been infinitely more pleasant and probably a little bit faster to be on foot, at least for those blocks between the exit off 280 and the big intersection at Ocean and 19th.


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