1001 Black Men–#210

When I came up out of the 16th Street BART station there was some sort of emergency taking place. Cops were already on the scene, and a fire truck pulled up while the man in this drawing observed, repeatedly and loud enough for everyone in the vicinity to here (not just the friends he was standing with), “Police and fire! Yep! 16th and Mission! Somebody called them and they got here fast. They got here real fast! They sure did.” This continued after all the emergency personnel had had rushed out of their trucks and down the stairs and into the station. By the time I returned to the station to get a train back to Oakland, there was no sign of the earlier crisis, and everything was back to normal. People were talking to themselves and each other, skateboarders were narrowly avoiding the moms pushing strollers who were, in turn, making no attempt to avoid any non-stroller-pushing pedestrians in their path. The only sign of the morning’s excitement were two cops who looked exquisitely bored.


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