1001 Black Men–#253

A lot of the Black folks in Oakland are from one of three southern states–Arkansas, Texas, or Louisiana. While I was waiting in line at Zocalo, I chatted briefly with the man in this picture. The topic of conversation was the quality of beverages and service at this, one of our favorite cafes.  “My people are from New Orleans,” he explained, “so we know our coffee; and this place has real good coffee.” When I think about the Cafe Du Monde and the masses of people who gather there every day to partake in coffee and beignets, I can certainly understand that the population of New Orleans just might have some insights on this subject that the rest of us simply do not. So, today’s post is dedicated to the Zocalo coffee expert and his majestic city on the river.

Ajuan Mance (8-Rock)

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