1001 Black Men–#282

There’s something about a brother in well-cut suit.  It’s stylish-but-serious, it can be personalized through color or accessories, and the cut of the suit can speak volumes about where in time you think you looked your best. For example, you see a brother in a mint green suit polyester with wide lapels and flare-leg pants, and you know that the 1970s in the decade in which he solidified his style as well as his sense of self.

The brother in this drawing was on California street, at the edge  of San Francisco’s financial district, wearing a conservative-but-stylish suit in an environment in which suits are not uncommon.  A suit in that context is an expression of belonging.  It’s an expression that right there, among the analysts and traders rushing in and out of their high-rise office buildings, is exactly where you were meant to be.

Ajuan Mance 

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