1001 Black Men–#287

It’s been a very intense last few weeks. I am working on finishing up a book, and I have spent a disproportionate number of my waking hours writing at my laptop. From Zocalo to the Alameda Free Library to my own dining room table, I’ve been churning out text, all based on a 100-page outline. Do me a favor, will you? Remind me never to write a 100 page outline again.

In any event, when I take a break to draw, it is a welcome respite from the intensity of generating new text.

The man in this drawing was standing on the same aisle as I was at Office Depot. We were both looking at gel pens, and he seemed to be as serious about gel pens as I am. The background is taken from an advertisement for office products that I found online, though I can’t recall the company or store that produced it. I made a few changes in color and resolution (actually, more than a few changes). What you see is the result.

Ajuan Mance

Ajuan Mance

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