1001 Black Men–#345

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been watching a lot of The Ultimate Fighter reality series. I am a committed and enthusiastic fan of mixed martial arts (especially the UFC), and about three 36 episodes into the back seasons that I missed became obsessed with evaluating the likely UFC weight class of almost every tall-ish and somewhat athletic man that I encountered. For example, while I was waiting for the attendant at the meat counter to wrap my spare ribs, I tried to figure out which weight class each of the butchers might be if they were mixed martial arts fighters. I decided that the man in this picture, would definitely be in the heavyweight class. He was exiting the grocery store as I was walking in, and he was easily the tallest guy I’d seen all day. Even as I write this, I acknowledge that evaluating random men for their possible UFC weigh class might be construed as problematic and even objectifying. Fortunately this obsession passed as quickly as it came, to be replaced by a much more benign interest, in finding the perfect UFC T-shirt.

Ajuan Mance


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