1001 Black Men–#353

My mother once said that my father’s side of the family is like the Kennedy family, not in terms of net worth, but because we all really look alike. We have similarly shaped noses, similar undertones (no matter what our skin color) and we all have large, expressive, somewhat heavy-lidded eyes. I passed the man in this drawing on the street when I was on my way to gorge on awesome New England seafood at San Francisco’s Woodhouse Fish Company. He looked a lot like my Uncle Frank, but younger and with much longer hair that my uncle has ever worn (as far as I know).  Also, he was not wearing the cool tinted glasses my uncle has worn as long as I have known him. So, I have a fashion tip for this guy. Cut your hair down to a close fade and get yourself some ’70s-cool tinted glasses. If you want the total effect, a gold tooth wouldn’t hurt either. Just sayin’.

Ajuan Mance


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