1001 Black Men–#396

Sometimes you can’t help but notice the quietest person in the room. On Thursday nights, the Monkey King Pub and Grub is pretty lively. two of the extra long tables were full as were most of the smaller tables, and a party mood was in the air. At one of the long tables, though, despite the fact that the other seven people seated there were laughing and talking very loudly, this one guy, seated against the wall, was absolutely silent. His mouth was slightly open, almost as though he was about to speak, but he said nothing. He wasn’t really looking at anyone either, and so I’m exactly sure who he wasn’t talking to. It was clear, though, that he was completely disengaged from the other people in his group.

Ajuan Mance

PS: The wallpaper was not really flowery, but I really like the way the flowery background looks in this drawing.




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