1001 Black Men–#398

No, this is not really the view from that bench near my favorite Roberts Regional Park picnic area. I’m taking a little artistic license here. There really shouldn’t be any buildings and they should be facing toward–not away from–the view…but I just like incorporating the Oakland skyline whenever I can.

I actually did this drawing in late August, when it was still short sleeves weather on some days. These two guys were sitting on the bench a short walk away from the site where we held our 2011 family reunion picnic. They were watching an older Black woman who was holding the hand of a small child. I couldn’t figure out the exact relationships here. Perhaps these two were siblings hanging out with their mom and one of her grand kids. I kind of wanted them to get up and leave so that I could sit down, enjoy the view, and relive some of my own pleasant family moments; but I was also happy to be a fly on the wall for someone else’s get together. There can never be too much family love, and it’s always good to see it. Anyway, I can always come back another time, maybe on a rainy day when its almost guaranteed to be quiet and empty.

Ajuan Mance

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