1001 Black Men–#417

On Saturday night I walked into a tree. I was looking down at my phone to find to find the correct address of the holiday party in Bernal Heights, a neighborhood in San Francisco. I smacked into that tree hard, forehead and elbow first. The next morning my elbow was so sore I could hardly move my arm. That’s how I ended up in the radiology department at Kaiser Oakland. This a drawing of the guy who was sitting a couple seats away from me in the waiting room. The radiologists were actually moving fairly quickly through the list of patients, but that didn’t seem to matter to this guy. Every time another name was called that wasn’t his, his eyes got a little narrower and his nostrils flared a bit more. When they finally called his name, his broke into a grin, just for the slightest moment, and then he quickly returned to the icy stare I’ve captured in this picture.

Ajuan Mance

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