1001 Black Men–#431

I never fail to notice the guy in the cricket sweater. It’s one of my two favorite types of sweaters; and I like sweaters a lot, so that’s really saying something. This man was standing at the corner of Center Street and Milvia, seemingly trying to get his bearings. He was with a college-aged woman who may have been his daughter. If she was a Berkeley student, then she must have confined her activities to areas closer to campus than the BCC area, or at least to the streets and shops on the other side of campus from BCC. I say this because she seemed as uncertain of her whereabouts as her dad. Since his clothing reminded me of the old-school “race man,” I have set this drawing against a background that consists of the page from a 19th-century tract on “Negro uplift” and Booker T. Washington.

Ajuan Mance

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  1. Hi, Prudence Juris. Thanks for stopping in! So glad you like this drawing. Drop in again. I’ll be uploading a bunch more this week.

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