1001 Black Men–#428

This morning I realized that I’d completely skipped drawing #428. It threw off the numbering on all of my posts from 429 to 434 (but not the numbering on the drawings themselves). I’ve gone in and corrected the numbering on the posts, and now I’m adding drawing #428. Although I am a professor, and although my own style of dress might well be described as professorial, I am always surprised when I am on a college campus and I see someone who is dressed like the classic post-baccalaureate instructor. Such was the case with the man in this drawing, who was entering Woo Hon Fai Hall on the Berkeley Campus. I don’t know that he was a professor. As he was entering the BAM/PFA building, the likelihood is that he was a visitor seeking some information about an upcoming film program. Still, his outfit was kind of thrilling to me, including his throwback 1980s style scarf.

Ajuan Mance

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