1001 Black Men–#449

This is a composite drawing of some of the African American men I saw on Saturday afternoon, as I waiting in front of Sidebar (on Grand Ave., a couple blocks past the 580 overpass). We were going to meet there for lunch, but Sidebar doesn’t serve lunch on Saturdays, so we went to Ikaros, instead. It’s lso on grand, but on the other side of 580. I look forward to going to Sidebar one day when it’s open, but I have to give a shout out to Ikaros. It was really pleasant. The food was simple and good and the service was very friendly. I also liked the atmosphere. It felt cozy, but not cramped, and the lighting was sufficient without being overwhelming. If you go there, order the beef and lamb gyro salad. It’s good-tasting and really satisfying. If you order the hot tea, ask to get yours extra hot, or else you’ll end up with lukewarm water in your teapot.

Ajuan Mance


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