1001 Black Men–#464

A friend recently encouraged me to join the local gym. We signed up a couple weeks ago, and I’ve gone almost every day since then. It’s a very lively space, and there are always a lot of people working out there. Still, there’s enough space to move around and there are more than enough machines to get through your workout without having to wait very long. Just inside the front door there are a couple of stretching areas. This guy was in one of those spaces. I noticed him because he was quite large (he could easily have been a UFC heavyweight) and because he was wearing the pants from a martial arts uniform. He seemed to be doing Tai Chi forms. Other people in the area were stretching or lifting light dumbbells, and no one seemed to notice the giant doing Tai Chi in their midst. Lucky I was there to take note, and to record it on this blog for posterity.

Ajuan Mance

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