1001 Black Men–#469

I saw passed this man this afternoon as I was taking a stroll through downtown San Leandro. He and a co-worker were unloading cases of snacks onto hand carts and wheeling them into a corner grocery. His expression looks a little sad in this drawing, but it really wasn’t. Though his eyes may seem a little misty, I think what I we’re really seeing  is his level of focus. I sneaked a peek into his truck, and it looked like he and his co-worker still had a lot of items to deliver. I can only imagine that his focus had a lot to do with the volume of work he had left to complete and the time he left in which to complete it. One of the things I love about strolling in downtown areas is the opportunity to see other folks doing their jobs. I like when I see in other people something that I recognize as an expression or attitude that I bring to my own job. The man in this drawing was giving his cart full of snacks the same look of serious intent that I bring to a stack of papers I need to grade. My recommendation to him: a cup of hot vanilla rooibos tea and the Glenn Gould station on Pandora. Gets me through a pile of work every time.

Ajuan Mance

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