1001 Black Men–#476

Here are two men I saw on a recent trip down Brookdale Ave. They were hanging out, chatting, and putting up the occasional shot on the courts right near MacArthur. There are so many different communities and experiences that fall under the heading of Black Men, and about 100 posts ago, I mentioned that I was trying to incorporate more of those demographics who never make their way into my sketchbook. Among those constituencies who I have rarely drawn are the young brothers in the oversized white t-shirts and sagging pants. I see these men all the time, as I drive up and down High Street; but I have rarely created portraits of them. Part of it is my age, I think; and part of it is my experience. I tend to sketch people who feel familiar to me. That means I draw a lot of nerds and a lot of guys in suits, v-neck sweaters, or both. Still, though, the point of this project is to capture the full diversity of Black men’s lives and experiences. The point is to step beyond what is comfortable and easy and to capture brothers of all ages, aesthetics, and occupations. I need to level up.

Ajuan Mance

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