1001 Black Men–#488



















I was standing in front of this guy at the Wells Fargo Bank on Fruitvale. I always notice guys in coordinating work outfits. There’s something I really like about work clothes like these. They’re so sensible, no-nonsense, and made to be durable. You can really live in these clothes. They’re sturdy, but with classic styling that can be dressed up with a sweater or a button-down shirt. I used to own several pairs of Dickies double-knee work pants, and for two years that’s pretty much all I wore. I was absolutely in love with their comfort and simplicity. I also loved the little cellphone pocket on the hip. Eventually, though, I got a little concerned when a friend of my suggested that professors and other folks with advanced degrees were sorta kinda  “frontin'” when they wore this type of clothing. I haven’t given up on the Dickies double-knee work pants forever, but I have taken some time off from wearing them to consider the possibility that it might look like appropriation. Stay tuned…

Ajuan Mance

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