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I’m really backlogged on drawings; and when I say backlogged, I mean that I’ve done loads of drawings in the past two months, but I’ve had very little time to get them up online. Still, I am taking a brief interlude from posting my backlogged work, all in order to show you this drawing I just completed today. I just got back from a research trip to Brown University’s John Hay Library. The trip overlapped with my college reunion, and so I used my study breaks to participate in some of the weekend’s reunion activities.

I graduated from Brown a couple decades ago, and since that time, the college has become both more selective and more diverse.  I have to say that watching the 2013 graduates march down the hill made me very proud, and even more so when I thought about the fact that despite the fact that admission to all of the Ivy League schools is more competitive than ever, the Brown has become even more diverse and with a greater proportion of Black students than when I was a student.

Go Bruno!

Ajuan Mance

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