1001 Black Men #698


If you see someone at the MacArthur Boulevard Ace Hardware first thing on a Saturday morning, there is a 75% chance you are looking at a homeowner with a plumbing problem. While most of the contractors are at the Home Depot, Ace is almost empty except for a small number of DIYers who are desperate to repair an appliance that just can’t wait. A couple Saturday mornings ago, I was there to purchase a replacement ballcock assembly cover to go inside the tank of my toilet. This guy was looking for a new toilet handle. His is the smile of a person who just found the part he was looking for and who probably knows how to install it.

My mission was a success, though it took me about 4 hours to do a repair that probably would’ve taken licensed plumber about 15 minutes. Don’t tell Angie’s List!

Ajuan Mance

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