1001 Black Men #708


A couple of weeks ago, I was at Jim’s diner with my mom and my dad and my niece. At lot was happening at our table.

My niece was playing with my glasses, first taking them off me and trying them on and then putting them back on me and then giving them to my mother who put my glasses on over her own; and then she and my niece took turns wearing both pairs of glasses and modeling them for me and my dad; and then my niece spilled some of her milk and then the waitress brought three of our meals but only bacon for my niece because she forgot to bring the chocolate chip pancakes, and then my dad reprimanded her for neglecting to bring food for the youngest member of our party.

Despite all the activity at our table, the man in this drawing was somehow managing to enjoy a very peaceful meal just a couple booths over. He seemed to have a truly mindfulness-based approach to his sausage and eggs, and he was absolutely unfazed by all the action just two tables away.

Ajuan Mance

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