1001 Black Men #897


I am not really a dog person. I don’t particularly like the idea of scooping poop, and dog kisses are a bit wetter and slimier than I can tolerate. Also, I’m allergic to most dogs; and German Shepherds, Huskies, Malamutes, and similar breeds can launch me into a sneezy, congested, throat-closing allergic frenzy.

Despite all of this, I melted a little when I saw this kid standing on the corner of Foothill and 50th, cradling a sweet pit bull puppy. There was something about the gentle way he held the dog in in the crook of his arm–and something about the way the dog looked up at him with complete trust–that told me this dog would never be in a fight, would never be neglected, and would never go without.

Posted by Ajuan Mance

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