1001 Black Men #949


I wish I could remember this guy’s name. He was really nice, and he had a great smile. Also, he was friends with my partner’s friend, T-Mark, and so I knew he had to be a great person. We ran into the two of them at an art exhibit I was participating in at SOMArts, in San Francisco. It was a very pleasant surprise. I don’t know T-Mark terribly well, and he’s more my partner’s friend than mine; ┬ábut he’s one of those people who always has a warm smile and kind words to share. When I think about the public perception of Black men as tough guys who’s emotion range extends from stoicism to rage, I feel sad for those people in the majority–actually, I feel sad for all those people outside of Blackness–whose negative stereotypes of African American manhood will prevent them from ever having the benefit of the warmth, love, and friendship of a guy like T-Mark or the friendly smile of a guy like his friend.

Ajuan Mance

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  1. I name this portrait “Joe.” whose career of choice was working as a janitor at the church in which he grew up. No matter what he knew his church was a place of comfort, joy, love, and acceptance no matter what whether living in the church, in an apartment, or with the ” let me see the money” love of his life.
    Is this print or a copy for sale?

    How soon, how soon will your book be released!!!!

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