One thought on “1001 Black Men Gallery: Selected Images”

  1. How do black people see themselves. Is it possible for a black American to see him-/her-self outside the white gaze? That gaze has been internalized. The image we have of how a man or a woman should look is drawn from the culture in which we live. The black image has bot been created by blacks themselves. Their image has been created by white society. Since we do not control our image, we are probable unaware of the fact that our image of ourselves is the same image a white person would have of him-/her-self. We have no idea of what constitutes a black male or female image.

    Our concept of beauty is based on the Greco-Roman aesthetic as they have been interpreted by European cultures. Black peoples physiognomy, hair texture, and color are not that of the European. There is no question that there exist a need for a black beauty aesthetic but on what is that aesthetic to be drawn?

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