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1001 Black Men–#658


I was going through my summer sketchbooks to make sure I hadn’t overlooked any drawings, and I came across this picture. I did this one during the mandatory information session for float monitors at San Francisco Pride. The man in this drawing was one of literally hundreds of attendees who showed up for the training and information session held at the Bench and Bar in downtown Oakland.

Ajuan Mance

1001 Black Men–#558

Another happy, comfortable air-conditioned employee of the Westfield Mall, Market St., San Francisco. Outside, literally hundreds of thousands of people were happily basting in the heat as they watched the city’s annual gay pride parade. Inside, the mall was uncharacteristically quiet for a sunny summer day. The man in this drawing assured me that the quiet was only temporary and that he and the mall employees were bracing themselves for the onslaught that would begin as soon as the parade was over.

Ajuan Mance