1001 Black Men–#131

Even though it’s been a month since my trip to Seattle, I’m still making drawings inspired by the people I saw there. This man was sitting at a table near the window at Roy Street Coffee & Tea. In the drawing, he appears to be looking directly at the viewer and, in fact, he did look directly at me when we walked in, probably because it was pretty obvious that we were ducking into the the cafe to get out of the snow. He caught my eye because he was one of only a couple of other Black people in a very large cafe (which is a wonderful place to read or study, by the way) and because he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and jeans (and shoes, of course), on one of the coldest days of the year.  In this drawing I replaced, the book and coffee cup that were on his table with my 8-Rock logo. I just know that if he’d had the choice to either sit at a regular table or sit at a table decorated with my logo, he would have chosen the latter. In this drawing, I’m just giving him his chance. He can thank me later.


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