1001 Black Men–#369

At Friday’s Oakland Art Murmur, I was selling small zines of selected drawings from my blog. I had a table at Uptown Body and Fender, and from where I was seated, not too far from the rear door, I had a great view of the attendees entering from the back parking lot of the building, where a local band was playing. I could hear also hear many of their interesting (and sometimes not-so-interesting) comments as they passed by. This man continues my theme of Black men with lots of hair, something I’ve been noticing a lot in recent days. My favorite thing about this drawing, though, is the 19th-century photograph of The White House that I used in his thought bubble. As he passed  by my table” this man and his female companion were talking about the current president and his chances for reelection. Just as he was moving out of earshot, I heard him say, “If I was in the White House…”

Ajuan Mance

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