1001 Black Men — #121

I have to admit that I’ve been following covered of the protests in Cairo with a tenacity that borders on obsession. Between reading AP and the Times on my iPhone and googling the Al Jazeera website, I’ve been able to find what amounts to the closest I can get to hour-by-hour coverage. Back in 1998 I spent 5 days in Cairo during what had to be the hottest week of the year. The city was amazing and intense and, even after spending traveling to megacities like New York and Bangkok, it was quite intimidating. But I loved it, and it stays on my mind, even to this day. I think about it almost every day.

This drawing is inspired by the amazing story of the Cairo residents who joined together to form a human chain around the Egyptian museum to protect it from looters. Such collective action is only ever possible among people who truly love their city. To the protest Cairenes–best of luck. Be safe and have peace in the very near future.


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