1001 Black Men–#122

One of my favorite things about the UC Berkeley microfilm room is the way that every morning the staff makes poster-sized color copies of the front pages of major English-language papers from all over the world and posts them on the walls across from the information desk (and elsewhere).

In mid-January, world headlines were focused on the protests in Tunisia, and as I stood in the entryway of the microfilm room studying the various front-page stories on the issue, I noticed that the man standing next to me and reading the same pages, had an incredibly troubled (sad, concerned, despondent) expression on his face. Though I cannot say for sure, I have a feeling that this story I was scanning from the perspective of an interested foreigner from half a world away was a lot more personal for him.


2 thoughts on “1001 Black Men–#122”

  1. Just beautiful! I love how the purple matches the sensitivity of this mans demeanor…plus I just love purple.

  2. Hi Micah,
    Thanks for dropping into my website, and to The Art of Living Black Show. So glad you liked this drawing. It’s one of my favorites.

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