1001 Black Men–#261

I really like shopping at Best Buy. I’m not quite sure why I enjoy going there so much. I mean, I like bookstores, but the experience of browsing through miles and miles of books (if you are in the Strand Bookstore in New York, for example), is a qualitatively different experience than gazing at a wall of giant flat-screen TVs all showing the same football game. Still, I adore it. Maybe it’s all the gadgets, or maybe its something as simple as the lighting, but shopping at Best Buy never really gets old…to me.

Something tells me that the guy in this drawing also feels the same way about that store. He was having a very serious discussion with one of the Best Buy employees in the LED TV section. I could tell from the concerned look on their faces that they were discussing something very serious, probably related to national security or global warming or…the best size LED television for a small studio apartment (answer: anything over 52 inches would be excessive).

Ajuan Mance (8-Rock)

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