1001 Black Men–#262

Since I accidentally posted drawing #262 for post #261, I’m posting drawing #261 for post #262.

I’ve noticed that several of my posts have involved making a confession of some sort. I’m not really the sharing type, and so I’m not sure why this theme continues to crop up in my blog.

Indeed, this post constitutes but another confession: I always find it a little disturbing to see men wearing a so-called process. Not familiar with the process? It’s a hairdo that relies on some kind of chemical straightening. Think Billy D. Williams, Kat Williams, Nat King Cole, and Al Sharpton.

For some reason, I have always favored natural hair–even when I wasn’t wearing it. Still, I have gotten used to seeing straightened hair on women, partly because most Black women wear straight hair. There is, however, something about a brother with a process that makes me feel like it’s 1937 and I’m at a storefront church in Harlem on a hot July night. In other words, I’m just plain uncomfortable, but I can’t figure out how to get away.

To all those brothers who are wearing a process, my apologies. I realize that this is my problem, and not yours. In the interest of full disclosure, though, I just thought it might be good to clear the air.

Ajuan Mance (8-Rock).

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