1001 Black Men–#405

This rugby-shirted guy was shopping alongside all the rest of us pre-Thanksgiving early birds at Farmer Joe’s Market. At 9:30am this morning, the checkout lines were still relatively short, though the meat counter was hoppin’. I always notice when people are wearing rugby shirts, especially today, when these jerseys are rarely seen off the pitch (the technical name for the rugby field). I played rugby in college, and I still notice rugby gear, team insignias, and memorabilia whenever it crosses my path. I didn’t get a chance to ask this man if he played rugby, but I will, the next time I see him; and I will see him again. I run into the same people over and over at Farmer Joe’s and throughout the Dimond and Laurel shopping districts. I guess it’s because local residents of this area really do tend to shop local. That’s pretty awesome, actually, and I don’t think I would’ve put all of that together if I hadn’t done this drawing of the guy in the rugby shirt.

Ajuan Mance

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