1001 Black Men–#455

I’d planned to use my holiday break to catch up on all the movies I’d missed during the end-of-semester grading rush. As it happens, I’ve only had time to see one movie, This is 40. Not to rely too heavily on cliche, but if you only see one movie during the holiday season, This Is 40 is a really good choice. I laughed for the entire 2 hours, and I left with a smile on my face. I still have a week before my fabulous partner goes back to work, and so I still have time to see Jack Reacher, Lincoln, The Hobbit and Django Unchained. I’ll definitely report back after Django. Stay tuned…

Ajuan Mance

PS: I almost forgot to say a word about the man in this photo. How much do you love that even when there is no superhero film currently in theaters, this young brother was sporting his Shazam belt buckle (I took a few liberties with the shape). Anyone remember the Shazam television show from the 1970s? It came on on Saturday mornings, either before or after Isis (“Oh zephyr winds which blow on high/lift me now so I can fly”).



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