1001 Black Men–#456

For those of you who are not fans of mixed martial arts, Saturday night was one of the biggest events of the  MMA year. Defending heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos of Brazil and San Jose-based former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez met for their long anticipated rematch. There were four other fights preceding the main event and, all in all, it made for an exciting evening of top-flight MMA action.

For me, Saturday night at the fights was all the more exciting because of where and with whom I was watching. I was there with my buddy and fellow fight fan A., who drove up from San Mateo to go with me to Ricky’s Sports Theater in San Leandro. Ricky’s has been named the #2 sports bar in the country by Sports Illustrated Magazine, and with good reason. The friendly service, top quality bar food (very tasty wings), and generously-sized soft drinks are part of its appeal. The best thing about this establishment, though, is that it features more than 90 television screens spread throughout the place. The effect is that wherever you are sitting, you can see the featured sports event on multiple screens. It was like sportsbar heaven.

The guy in this drawing is one of my folks of all ages (over 21) who were there on Saturday for UFC 155. Notice the multiple screens in the background (including one where I subbed my logo for the football games being broadcast).

Many thanks to A. for joining me in this excursion. Looking forward to watching more UFC events for you in the very near future! Perhaps UFC 156…or 157. I hear Anderson Silva just signed a ten-fight deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, so…

Ajuan Mance

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